AVA Knowledge Base Plugin

39,00  / year

With AVA Knowledge Base Plugin your customers can find answers online and you receive less support requests.

  • Nr. 1 WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
  • AJAX Live search suggestions
  • Search statistics
  • Dedicated widgets
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Looks great both on small and big screens
  • Lightning fast

Your customers can find help online and you receive less support calls and emails

Suggestion based search to find answers faster

AJAX Live Search

AJAX powered live search with article suggestions. Incredibly useful to help your customers find answers - fast! No need to call or email you.

Live Search could also help your current and potential customers find alternatives to what they were looking for or even additional items they hadn’t previously considered. That could mean more sales!

Stats help you to develop your Help Center

Search Statistics

You can see all search strings used by your visitors. And what is even more useful - the results of those searches. You can see what posts match search keywords and if nothing is found.

So it's easy to improve your Knowledge Base even more. The more answers your customers can find online, the less support requests you receive.

We use this plugin on our Knowledge Base, of course!

Engage your visitors with widgets

Powerful widgets

Display most popular posts, recent posts, related posts and selected posts for your customers.

Not every customer knows what they are looking for, so these provide even more possibilities for your customers to learn about your products and services.

Post voting and comments

Receive feedback from your customers

What could be more valuable than customer feedback? AVA Knowledge Base Plugin makes that super easy.

Your customers can make simple thumb-up or thumb-down votes on Knowledge Base posts. They also have a chance to provide more detailed comments on how to improve articles.

With AVA Knowledge Base Plugin it’s easy to create a valuable Help Center,

which saves you money and time and can win you even more sales.

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