How to use custom logo in your theme?

With Skyline News WordPress theme you are able to use your custom logo instead of Site’s name. If you look at the example image below, you see site’s name “Skyline News”. Compare that to second image later in this article and you see the text replaced by our logo.

Using your own logo has many benefits. Logo is a key part of branding your new business. Customers begin to immediately recognize and associate your logo with the type of product or service you offer. Although many businesses choose to outsource the job of designing a business logo, you can try to design your own simple logo if you have some proficiency with graphic or image layout programs.

Here’s how to add your custom logo in your Skyline News WordPress theme.

1. Login to your WordPress Administration panel.

2. Choose Appearance -> Customize -> Logo


3. Select image by clicking “Select image” and then choose your custom logo in your media library or upload a new logo image

4. You will see a preview image of the site with logo in place


5. Click Save & Publish button